Introduction To VP™

The VP™ system is a Web 2.0 interactive software application designed to provide a complete e-learning and e-assessment environment for any Medical Learning Institution.

The application enables students of Medicine to practice their diagnostic skills, presenting numerous and diverse cases in different disciplines. The application also enables the Faculty to conduct evaluation of students' skills (end of term exams), with immediate results / grades (including statistical analysis).

The VP™ system is fully interactive and "conversational", and as such it is based on a human-machine interface, which mimics a "normal" dialogue between doctor and patient. The human-machine interface is conducted in writing. Based on linguistic patterns, keywords and AI algorithms, the system enables the user to "talk" to the virtual patient in plain language and responds to the user's questions in the same manner. Unique to VP™ is its ability to "understand" open questions as opposed to multiple choice questions, which are usually used in such systems.

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